This is the official site of author and backroads traveller: Graeme Robin.

I have two objectives in putting this site up on the internet.

FIRSTLY:      To tell the story of my travels in the northern hemisphere with my 3 inarticulate mates; Karen (the robot voice on my GPS, Compass (just that – a compass), and Phe (for 1993 Fiat sedan). There were 5 journeys, each of between 4 to 5 months, spread over 5 consecutive years starting in 2007. And there are 3 books (so far) covering 3 of those 5 journeys. For more information about these 3 books please go to: On Roads Without Lines

AND SECONDLY:    To add my small voice to the rising tide of awareness of Global pressures bought about by the continuing increase in world population. We all know that the world is finite in size – it is the same size now as it always has been and it will always be this same size. It aint gonna grow no bigger! But our world’s population is growing bigger year by year – without a break. Right now it is growing at the rate of 80 million people a year. That’s more than 9,000 extra people every hour – every hour of  every day of the year. The question has to be asked – must be asked – IS THE WORLD FULL YET? Yes, you guessed it. That is the title to my latest book and once again the details of this book can be found on: On Roads Without Lines

I hope you will accept both of my objectives at face value – and most especially the second one. I have no axe to grind. No political agenda. I am now 78 and the ‘Expectancy of Life’ tables tell me I have just 10 years left and will probably die at 88. (Mind you, probably in 10 years time they will reckon I have another 3 years and after those 3 years may say “Watch out for the day after tomorrow!) Anyway I am going to use these next 10 years to talk to as many people as I can, simply to try to maintain the momentum of awareness that is vital if the population problem is to be solved.

Thank you for reading this far…………………………………….Graeme Robin