Is The World Full Yet?

Is The World Full Yet?

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A layman’s look at that immense problem confronting the world – the problem of continual population increase on a planet that is FINITE in size.


I have put this book together in an effort to raise awareness of the looming problems that are facing us.

Why is there so little talk about this subject?

“It’s all too hard” “I’m alright Jack!
“She’’ll be right”
“I can’t do anything” “Tell it to Africa!”

 Is it possible that the words, the logic and the arithmetic in this book could become a catalyst for change?
Is it possible it could create a momentum – a momentum for POPULATION PARITY?

In an endeavour to encourage this momentum I have mailed a free copy of the book to all of the educators, print journalists, columnists, politicians, radio commentators, and activists that come to mind – irrespective of their political views. The list is in alphabetical order except that where one person has suggested another, then that person’s name is indented. For example David Attenborough replied with a suggestion that I should contact ‘Population Matters’ in London and Mark O’Connor suggested Michael Stenford. Comments from those who have acknowledged receiving the gift are shown in RED. This is the list so far:

Doug Aiten – pulse
Stephanie Asher – box #             verbal acknow
Sir David Attenborough              letter good luck
Population Matters – London     email advice
Alan Barber – voice
Andrew Bolt – ten
Dr Bob Birrell – monash              congratulations – enjoyed read
Bob Brown – foundation              great and very worthwhile book
James Cambbell – sun
Patrick Carlyon – sun
David Carman – home
Shaun Carney – sun
John Daly – grattan
Geraldine Doogue – rn melb
Mary Drost – plan backlash         phone call – thanks, good luck
Tom Elliot – 3aw
Jon Faine – 774
Tim Flannery – climate
Tony Galpin – indep
Ed Gannon – weekly times
Rob Gell – box #
Global Pop Speak Out – usa          “Over” book received
Ross Gittins – smherald
Derryn Hinch – sky
Hon John Howard – off                    letter acknowl
Bindi Irwin – zoo
Hugh Jackman – foundation
Alan Jones – 2gb                               email acknowl
Fran Kelly – rn melb
Jeff Kennett – beyond b                   letter acknow
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – 3j syd           phone call – ‘I wonder where it will go?’
David Koch – port footy
Darryn Lyons – cogg
Romilly Madew – green building
Ray Martin – enhance
Samantha Maiden – teleg
Terry McCrann – austra
Mark McCrindle – office
Christine Milne – greens act
Natasha Mitchell – rn melb
Neil Mitchell – 3aw
Hon Scott Morrison – off
Dr Geof Mosely – home                     fascinating
Dr John Coulter – home
Mark O’Connor – home
Michael Stenford                                excellent
Dr Peter Wilkinson – tia
35 Australian Conservation Councillors as follows:
Christian Bell – tas
Irina Cattalini – wa
Erica Celis – tas
Peter Christoff – vic
Jimmy Cocking – tas
Geofery Cousins – nsw
Peter Dart – qld
Robert Fowler – sa
Robyn Gulliver – wa
Kim Hudson – qld
Kee Hulsman – qld
Margaret Killen – tas
Jonathon King – nsw
Paul Leadbeter – sa
James LeCornu – vic
Stephen Lightfoot – nsw
Christine Materia – tas
Nadia McLaren – sa
Anthony Judge                                    appreciated my efforts
Steve Kurtz – usa                                wrote favourable critique
David Morris – nt
Tim Peterson – nsw
Gemma Plesman – qld
Cameron Power – wa
Andrew Reilly – sa
John Rolls – sa
Richard Sanders – qld
Wayne Smith – act
Mark Snell – nsw
Kelly Spence – tas
Philip Sutton – vic
Ross Tzanners – nsw
Jocelyn Uibo – nt
Piers Verstegen – wa
Simon Whitehouse – wa
Paul Murray – wa
Susie O’Brien – sun
Rita Panahi – sun
Pope Francis – vatican
Steve Price – 2gb
Graham Rawlins – vision
Dick Smith – box #                        a ‘whole world’ problem
Jack Thompson
Hon Kelvin Thomson – off            message needs to be heard
Amanda Vanstone – rn adel
Westall Sec College – school
Senator Nick Xenophon – off         email acknowl


But I need a lot more names and addresses of people who could have an interest in helping to build a conversation – a momentum to cut through the fog of indifference and prejudice.

Can you help with suggestions?

If so, please drop me an email with the names of people with influence who may benefit from getting a copy of this book.

My email address is:

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